Hand Polishing Pads

Are You Looking At The Right Polishing Pad For The Job?

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Dry Polishing Pads

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 Dry Polishing Pads Honey comb style pads provides fast polishing of natural stone and concrete. Available in 4″ and 5″ sizes and available in 50 to 3000 Grit. 50 and 100 grits are great for cleaning and honing architectural concrete surfaces. To be used on hand held polishing grinders, and requires the use of a backer pad. Purchasing…

Velcro Polishing Backer Pad

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Velcro Backing Pad The Velcro Backing Pad is used to mount hand polishing pads. Comes with semi-rigid back and 5/8″-11 thread. Pad is semi-rigid and suits the applications of polishing floors and counters. Professional Grade Quality Equipment: Angle Grinder, Hand Polisher Questions or concerns? Volume discounts available! Feel free to call or email!

Wet / Dry Pads

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WET / DRY PADS Resin polishing pads can be used Wet or Dry to achieve an excellent finish on natural stone and concrete. Ideal for natural stone or concrete. Available in 4″ or 5″ sizes from 50 Grit to 3000 Grit. Must be used with Velcro backer pad. Quality: Professional Grade Wet or Dry:  Materials: Natural…