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Carbide Demoliton Blade

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Rips through any material! This blade has a single row of permanently imbedded carbide chunks. Sharp jagged leading edges do the cutting. The small diameter blades are used on an angle grinder to remove joint sealant and caulking materials from expansion joints that are filled with any soft filler such as polyurethane or non-hardening epoxies. …

Diamond Blade Bushings

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Brass Blade bushings are precisely made to provide a secure press fit to the tool.   Professional Grade Quality Our Blade Bushings are all 100% brass and provide additional strength, stiffness and extends blade life Use Blade Bushing with the following equipment: Angle Grinder, High Speed Saws, Masonry Saws, Chop Saws, Low HP Saws, Tile & Stone…

Diamond X Industrial Cutting Blades

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A unique and revolutionary new product. The Diamond X Metal Cutting Blade uses a vacuum brazing technology to allow a high concentration of diamond to be chemically and mechanically bonded to a steel surface. This results in a tool that will stay sharp and will grind or cut anything. This free cutting tool will provide up…

Glass Tile Blade Wet

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Chip free cutting of glass tile. Given the high cost of glass tiles and glass mosaic, when working on a bathroom or kitchen, it is always good procedure to use a professional diamond blade. If you don’t you risk spending a fair amount of money to buy the tooling and equipment, you may end up with…

Highway Star Asphalt High HP Blades

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A maximum performance blade you can count on.   The Highway Star blade was developed for use on long runs, where speed and life are important.  The blade comes with undercut protection segments to keep the steel center from wearing out. Our premium Highway Star blades deliver a professional looking finish to every job application. With a keyhole…

Highway Star Concrete High HP Blades

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High Horsepower Blade with Maximum Performance. Highway Star Cured Concrete blades are designed for fast penetration of hard aggregate, reinforced concrete floors, bridge decks, industrial floors, etc.  Laser welded segments along with full radius undercut protection system, to keep the steel core from wearing.                    Purchasing in Volume? Ask for a Quote! Professional Grade Quality Wet Use Our Blade…

MAX Asphalt / Green Concrete / Block

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A cost effective blade with professional performance. The Max Asphalt cutting blade is a great blade for the professional contractor who demands good tool performance with a low initial cost.  With a full radius of undercut protection and laser welded 10mm segments the Max Asphalt blade is great for cutting through green concrete, asphalt and soft abrasive masonry materials…

MAX Cured Concrete / Brick

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 A Cost Effective Blade with Professional Performance.   One of our top sellers, for good reason.  Exceptional life and performance in most concrete and masonry materials.  It cuts all types of construction materials like block, concrete, precast, concrete pipes, and brick.  A specialty formulated matrix that is fused directly onto the steel core using state…

Multi-Cut Diamond Blade

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Not your average Diamond Blade! The Multi-Cut Diamond Blade has a unique industrial diamond coating that is “vacuum brazed” onto the steel core and carbide side grit. This makes the diamond section always sharp and ready to cut. This blade was originally designed for Fire, Rescue and Law Enforcement agencies that need to cut their…

Porcelain / Ceramic Tile Blade Wet or Dry

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Titan – The Ultimate Tile Blade FAST and chip free cutting of the hardest porcelain & ceramic tiles The Ultimate Tile diamond blade for Porcelain, Granite, Marble and Ceramic. The perfect blade for the professional stone/tile installer who wants one blade for all applications. The specially formulated cobalt matrix also features a heavy concentration of diamond.  Fast and…

Random Crack Chasing V Segment Diamond Blade

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Smooth, chip free cutting. V Segment Crack Chasing blades are used to grind out and widen existing random cracks in concrete. Our heavy diamond concentration allows the operator to quickly do smooth chip free cutting. The V segment gives a wide cut at the top but is narrow at the bottom to conserve joint sealant…

Ring Saw

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Cuts TWICE as deep as other 14″ Blades This “center less” Blade cuts up to 10″deep, twice as deep as regular 14″ blades. This professional blade will cut hard concrete and rebar FAST and reduces excavation and safety when cutting buried pipe and conduits. Each blade comes with a new drive wheel (STA-10407) Designed for use…

Ripper Asphalt Blade

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Star Diamond provides premium quality asphalt blade 24 in. with undercut protect teeth. It is designed for delivering the highest cutting performance and long life at an affordable price. This diamond blade is optimized for green concrete and asphalt cutting. Ideal for both professional contractors and DIY users Grade A diamond crystals for high sawing…

Ripper Diamond Blade

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The Ripper™ 12″ and 14″ blades are solid core – not laser welded – for maximum durability. And The Ripper™  blades are economically priced for the most cost-effective performance.

Ripper Turbo Blade

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Polishing is the most time intensive part of your fabrication process, right? So wouldn’t it be incredible if you could start that process with a smoother cut before you ever break out the polishing pads? Well, our Ripper Turbo Blade cuts faster, with a much smoother edge compared to other Turbo blades. There are two reasons why our…

Shark Blade for Hard Materials

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The Professional’s Top Choice for Aggressive Cutting The angled gullet design provides exceptional clearing of dust and debris. Combined with a 10mm high segment with a cobalt matrix and high diamond concentration this blade provides excellent life and cutting speed of very hard materials like natural stone, granite, brick and pavers.                     Purchasing in Volume? Ask for a…

Signature Asphalt Blade

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 The top choice for professionals cutting abrasive materials like asphalt, green concrete or cinder block. This blade contains the highest concentration of quality diamond and features a specially formulated abrasion resistant segment bond along with undercut protection segments to protect the steel core.  Segments are laser welded on both sides to assure safe operation through the life of the blade. Experienced operators like this blade because it…

Signature Cured Concrete / Brick

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The superior choice blade for the professional user. Signature Series blades contain the highest concentration and quality of diamond. With some of the highest diamond to matrix ratio in the industry it is easy to see why this blade outperforms the competition. Long life, fast cutting, smooth feel and straight cutting is why the Signature blade remains…

Thin Rim Mining BladeThin Rim Mining Blade
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Thin Rim Mining Blade

$321 $321
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Stop throwing core down the drain! Our exclusive manufacturing process allows us to double laser weld an ultra-thin diamond segment onto a high quality steel core. Making this blade cut straighter, faster, and last longer cutting very hard core samples. The Standard blade is .125″ compared to the Thin Rim Mining blade at .085″ And because it is…

Trio Combination Blade for Concrete / Asphalt

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A professional general purpose blade that cuts through concrete, brick, asphalt and block. Full radius diamond undercut segments protect the steel core from wearing when cutting abrasive materials. Cooling holes in the steel core prevents blade overheating and clears the cuttings. Asphalt and concrete applications are where customers find exceptional value particularly on Low HP walk…

Tuck Point Blade

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Tuck Point Blade Remove old masonry joints for re-pointing or widen joints on existing concrete.  They feature a high diamond concentration segment on a balanced steel body for long wheel life.  Available in most sizes and have a 10mm high diamond segment. Quality: Professional Grade Wet or Dry:       Materials:Cured Concrete, Granite, Masonry, Natural Stone…

Zig Zag Blade for Hard Materials

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The ORIGINAL….Built for Speed For the professional who demands quality and the lowest cost per cut. Our cobalt matrix combined with high quality diamonds make this the choice of the professional contractor. Cuts hard materials such as brick, pavers, reinforced concrete, natural stone and granite. Exceptional for Joint Cleaning. Laser welded turbo segments provides exceptional…

Zig Zag CombinationZig Zag Combination
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Zig Zag Combination Blade

$157 $129
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Our Zig Zag Combination blade features 12mm high alternating laser welded turbo segments for longer life and a specially designed steel core for faster cutting. A great General Purpose blade for cutting a wide range of materials.

Zio Granito Diamond Blades for Hard Materials

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Professional blade built for the hardest materials. The Zio Stone Diamond Blade is the ultimate turbo blade for the cutting of extremely hard materials like Granite, Stone, Refractory, Brick, etc.  Ultra smooth cutting without any chipping. Zio Stone Blades from 4″-7″ come with a 4 hole pin arbor for mounting to flush cut adaptor systems.                    Purchasing in…