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concrete and asphalt cutting and drilling title
grinding, stripping, and scrapping application title
masonry, tile and hardscape cutting application
surface and marking removal application method
surface cleaning and finishing title
surface leveling title
surface texturing and grooving title
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Blade Accessories

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Arbor bushings, flush cut adaptors and accessories

Carbide Chunk

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Cut Stuff Diamond Blades Can’t

Remove joint sealant material, cut tree roots, wood, tires, docks, shingles, tar and gravel roofs, etc.

V-Groove Crack Chaser

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Route Out Random Cracks

Diamond X

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Up to 40x Longer Life Than Abrasives

Glass Tile

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Chip Free Cutting


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Maximum Performance for High HP Saws


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Maximum Performance for High HP Saws

MAX Asphalt

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Exceptional Performance and Value

MAX Concrete

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Our Best Selling Blade Find Out Why

Multi-Cut / Rescue

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All Purpose Cutter and Rescue Blade The Multi-Cut Diamond Blade has a unique industrial diamond coating that is “vacuum brazed” onto the steel core and carbide side grit. This makes the diamond section always sharp and ready to cut. This blade was originally designed for Fire, Rescue and Law Enforcement agencies that need to cut…

Porcelain Tile

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Titan Blade – The Ultimate Tile Blade FAST and Chip Free Cutting of Porcelain and Ceramic Tile The Ultimate Tile diamond blade for Porcelain, Granite, Marble and Ceramic. The perfect blade for the professional stone/tile installer who wants one blade for all applications. The specially formulated cobalt matrix also features a heavy concentration of diamond.  Fast and chip…

Ring Saw

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Replacement Ring Saw Blades This “center less” Blade cuts up to 10″deep, twice as deep as regular 14″ blades. This professional blade will cut hard concrete and rebar FAST and reduces excavation and safety when cutting buried pipe and conduits. Each blade comes with a new drive wheel (STA-10407) Designed for use on Husqvarna Ring…

Ripper Asphalt

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Cut asphalt, green concrete and block

Ripper G/P

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Economically priced for the most cost-effective performance.

Ripper Turbo

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Fast cutting of HARD materials


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For HARD materials

Signature Asphalt

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The President’s Pick

Signature Concrete

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The President’s Pick

Trio CombinationTrio Combination
Save $55.00

Trio Combo

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Use the Same Blade and Save Time and Money

Tuck Point

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Professional Grade

Zig Zag

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Built for Speed…Made to Last

Zig Zag CombinationZig Zag Combination
Save $39.00

Zig Zag Combo

$154 $115
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Our Zig Zag Combination blade features 12mm high alternating laser welded turbo segments for longer life and a specially designed steel core for faster cutting. A great General Purpose blade for cutting a wide range of materials.

Zio Blade

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Cut the Hardest Materials