Core Bits

Are You Looking At The Right Core Bit For The Job?

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masonry, tile and hardscape cutting application
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Core Bit Rod Extensions & Adaptors

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Full Line of Extensions & Adaptors We have a wide variety of Core Bit accessories such as extensions, reducers and adaptors to extend drilling depth or to allow standard core bits to fit on various Manufacturer’s Core Rigs. Professional Grade Quality Equipment: Hilti, Black & Decker, Milwaukee, Cardi, Wika, Diamond Products, Norton Questions or concerns? Volume discounts available! Feel free…

Core Bit Tube Extensions

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Core Bit Tube Extensions are 12″ long and screw directly onto the Zig Zag Wet Core bits to extend effective drilling depth to allow for continuous drilling.  This is also much more efficient than getting core bits manufactured to custom lengths.

Dry Diamond Core Bits

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                   Dry Masonry & Non-Reinforced Concrete Core Bits Features Zig Zag laser welded turbo segments and a special barrel with cooling slots and spiral grooves. Fast and cooler drilling in non-reinforced concrete block and masonry materials. No water needed for easy clean up. Main applications include drilling…

Stone & Tile Core Bits

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Dry Stone & Tile Coring Bits These bits feature a thin rim turbo segment for precise and fast drilling of most tiles and hard stone. The bit has a built in 1/2″ shank and a removable pilot bit.  Best used in a hand held cordless drill. Note:  When drilling hard and brittle materials like tile and…

Wet Zig Zag Core Bits

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The Zig Zag Series Core Bit features high quality turbo segments for fast drilling in heavily reinforced concrete. This is the Professional’s choice when drilling heavily reinforced concrete.  Comes with unique threaded barrel and the Flip Top removable adapter. Un-thread the adapter to remove jammed cores or to add core barrel extensions for extra length. 16″ overall length…