Porcelain / Ceramic Tile Blade Wet or Dry

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Titan – The Ultimate Tile Blade

FAST and chip free cutting of the hardest porcelain & ceramic tiles

The Ultimate Tile diamond blade for Porcelain, Granite, Marble and Ceramic. The perfect blade for the professional stone/tile installer who wants one blade for all applications. The specially formulated cobalt matrix also features a heavy concentration of diamond.  Fast and chip free cutting of Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles and other hard materials like refractory.

The 4” to 8” sizes features a 7mm high segment and the 10” to 14” has a 10mm high segment.  These blades can be used wet or dry on angle grinders, skil saws, tile and masonry saws.

Quality Level: Professional Grade

Wet / Dry:     

Medium to Hard Materials: Porcelain, Natural Stones, Ceramic Tiles, Marble

Equipment: Tile Saw, Masonry Saw, Skil Saw, Angle Grinder

Questions or concerns? Volume discounts available! Feel free to call or email!


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