Ripper Turbo Blade

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Polishing is the most time intensive part of your fabrication process, right? So wouldn’t it be incredible if you could start that process with a smoother cut before you ever break out the polishing pads? Well, our Ripper Turbo Blade cuts faster, with a much smoother edge compared to other Turbo blades.

There are two reasons why our Ripper Turbo Blade is the best on the market:

  1. No other Turbo blade has a 10mm segment like our Premium Turbo Blade and that means more diamonds cutting for a faster, smoother cut.
  2. We’ve tested hundreds of other Turbo Blades and found them all falling short in quality and longevity to the Ripper Turbo Blade.


Let’s sum it up:

  • Unique 10mm Segment
  • These new blades cut faster
  • Much less chipping
  • Dry or wet use
  • Blades last much longer than other turbo blades out there

Add a couple (or more) to your cart now. You’re going to love the way they cut. We guarantee it.


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