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Grinding, Scraping, & Stripping

concrete and asphalt cutting and drilling title
grinding, stripping, and scrapping application title
masonry, tile and hardscape cutting application
surface and marking removal application method
surface cleaning and finishing title
surface leveling title
surface texturing and grooving title
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Grinding, Scraping, & Stripping

These products remove coverings and resurface floors.

Floor Grinders and Turbo Grinders are versatile pieces of surface preparation equipment. Multiple speeds and accessories are available for a wide variety of applications, including coating removal, leveling, smoothing, texturing, and preparing.

Floor Strippers remove ceramic, linoleum, vinyl, parquet, and other floor coverings.

Air-Powered Chisel Scalers remove floor coverings, roofing shingles, ice, insulation, asbestos, & more.

EDCO 10″ Turbo Grinder #56900

0 review(s)

Grind Concrete FAST


U$4,449.20 FOB Factory  #56900

EDCO 8″ Floor Stripper #94400

0 review(s)

Remove soft floor coverings FAST


U$1,535.13  FOB Factory #94400

EDCO 9″ Grinder #58900

0 review(s)

Get Off of Your Knees and Double Production


U$2,753.20 FOB Factory

Uses Magna Trap Tooling, weighs 89 lbs, Foldable Handle for portability

EDCO Chisel Scaler #27100

0 review(s)

U$1,579.76  FOB Factory  


EDCO Chisel Scalers #C10342

0 review(s)

U$1,000.51 FOB Factory  #C10342

EDCO Edge Grinder #57200

0 review(s)

Up to 1,000 lineal feet / hour


U$3,003.32 FOB Factory  #57200

EDCO Single Disc Grinder #59800

0 review(s)

Remove coatings, glues, paint, nasty stuff, etc.


U$3,573.64 FOB Factory  #59800

Heavy Duty Floor Grinder #58100

0 review(s)

5 HP + 230 V + 330 lbs. = Exceptional Removal


U$8,390.56 FOB Factory  #58100

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